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100 baskets of summer paddy priced at some K800,000 in Pantanaw Township in May

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According to the rice traders in Pantanaw township, the price of 100 baskets of summer paddy produced this May from Ayeyawady Region is around 800,000 kyats.
Summer paddy such as Hsin Thukha, Pakhan, Theeyin and Hmawby are worth between K750,000 and K800,000 per 100 baskets depending on the type and the moisture, said a rice trade Ko Min Min.
The domestic rice price has risen since the mill owners purchased in advance in May. Due to increased purchases because of the decrease in summer paddy cultivation, the price has up. Farmers are selling the summer paddy while there are still purchases, according to farmer U Aye Thein.
According to rice traders, domestic retail prices of a bag of Pawsan rice is priced at over 60,000 kyats, summer Ziyar K31,000, Shwebo Baygyar (Pawsan) is over K55,000, Pathein Pawsan is about K50,000, Pyapon Pawsan over K47,000 and Pathin Manaw Thukha about K33,000.
In the 2022-2023 fiscal year, there are countries who would like to buy up to 2 million tonnes of rice, and, therefore, traders are collecting summer paddy. About 240,000 tonnes of rice, and broken rice were exported to abroad, earning about USD 80 million in April.
Relevant departments are providing farmers with fertilizers, loans, seedling, and insurance prices. Summer paddy produced from Ayeyawady Region is being traded between 800 baskets and 1,500 baskets. A total of 35 companies are exporting rice and broken rice to 27 foreign countries. According to the paddy prices, 100 baskets of Pawsan paddy is K 1.4 million and 100 baskets of Shwethwe is K 950,000 in Pathein township; 100 baskets of Pakhan paddy is K 900,000 and 100 baskets of Hsin Thukha is K 850,000 in Yekyi township; 100 baskets of Pawsan paddy is K 1.45 million, Manaw Thukha and Hsin Thukha is K 860,000 per 100 baskets in Myaungmya township; 100 baskets of Hsin Thukha paddy is K 770,000 and Pakhan Shwewah paddy is K 800,000 per 100 baskets in Laymyethna township; 100 baskets of Pawsan paddy in Maubin township is K 1.3 million, Manaw Thuka is K 850,000 per 100 baskets; 100 baskets of Pawsan paddy is K 1.07 million in Kyaiklat township.—TWA/GNLM

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