106,283-tonne LNG arrives at Thilawa port for power supply project

The 106,283 tonne V-Power Energy (Mother Vessel) of China National Technical Import & Export Corporation (CNTIC) arrived at No (14) Dolphin Jetty of Myanmar International Terminals Thilawa Port yesterday morning.
It is the very first and very large vessel in the history of Yangon Port under the Myanmar Port Authority.
“The vessel will anchor at the port for five years for V-Power Energy Project to supply the liquified national gas for 400MW Thaketa power plant and 350MW for Thilawa power plant. The project will supply the LNG for Yangon starting in December, and we can electrify 100 per cent, including the rural areas. According to the limited capacity of Yangon River, we set 200 metres for length and 30,000 GRT,” said U Win Myint Aung, Harbour Master of Myanma Port Authority.
The vessel is 272 metres in length with 106,283 GRT. This is the very first large vessel to the country. It was anchored with tugboats and took about 40 minutes.

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V-Power Energy (Mother Vessel) of China National Technical Import & Export Corporation (CNTIC) is seen in the Yangon River on 26 November 2020. Photo: MNA

There will not be any difficulties if the tugboat knows how to manage the vessel. Currently, the water current is in a good situation and becomes wider.
The LNG-fuelled power project is the very first project in Myanmar and it was set up in Thilawa. The government implemented a 350MW power project in Thilawa and a 400MW project in Thaketa to fulfil the power demand for the summer of 2020.
The CNTIC V-Power Group won the tender in 2019 and carried out Floating Storage Unit (FSU) and jetty for V-Power Energy Vessel at Thilawa Port. Although it was estimated to operate the businesses in mid-2020, the construction work was delayed by COVID-19 pandemic.
Meanwhile, Myanma Port Authority organized online meetings with the stakeholders to meet the country’s power needs and decided to adopt Mobile Filling Platform (MFP).
“I am very proud of my country as it successfully builds the LNG carrier today. This is the first LNG to power project in Myanmar. It will support the hydropower plants, power generation enterprises and boost the energy security,” said U Zeya Thura Mon, Chairman and Group CEO of RGK+Z&A Group.
The project was successfully implemented by the coordination efforts among the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, the Ministry of Health and Sports, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy and the Yangon Region Government.—MNA  (Translated by Khine Thazin Han)

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