167 Myanmar nationals charged in China for various reasons transferred back


One hundred and sixty-seven Myanmar nationals who are serving time in China for various reasons were transferred via the border crossing by the Immigration Department of the People’s Republic of China in the third week of August.
The team of the Border Immigration Department from the People’s Republic of China led by Sheriff Jian Kang Quxian transferred 66 men and 54 women in the evening on 25 August and 26 men and 21 women on the Myanmar-China border on 26 August in Chinshwehaw in Kokang Self-Administered zone, Shan State. Township Administrator U Thet Oo Paing and officials accepted them.
They were handed over to Myanmar after being charged by the Chinese government for trespassing from the Muse border in Chinshwehaw and working in cities located in Guizhou and Hunan provinces.
A woman from the transferred group, who had been trafficked, was transferred to the No 2 Anti-Trafficking Police Force.
Those transferred will undergo the Covid-19 tests before sending them back to their respective places, it is reported. —TWA/GNLM

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