18 more equal-sized votive tablets found at No 4 BEHS in Thaton township, Mon State

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Some votive tablets are discovered at No 4 BEHS in Thaton township, Mon State on 30 August 2023.

The sacred tablets were found when the workers doing their soil work to construct a new building in the school compound located at Theingon Ward on 30 August. The tablets are currently placed on the shrine of the school, according to the General Administration Department, Thaton township.
“We had found such kind of votive tablets in Thaton four times in the past. In one of the events, we found more than 1,000 tablets,” an official from Thaton Township GAD said.
A similar event happened in a Baptist Church compound next to the above high school where a total of 240 votive tablets in different mudras (gesture or attitude) including damaged ones were found on 14 March 2019 while digging the soil to construct a new building, according to the official.
More than 650 votive tablets together with over 900 damaged pieces were found within a monestry precinct in the same ward of Theingon on 15 June, 15 July, 8 August and 15 September of 2015. Again, more than 1,000 votive tablets had been discovered in the compound of No 2 BEHS in Theingon Ward forty years ago, the official said.
The votive tablets found in different years carry the same design and size and are believed to have been crafted before the Bagan era while they are similar to the tablets made during the Pala-Sena era of South East India, now Bangladesh, archaeologists commented. — ASH/TH

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