1,830 star-tortoises bred in Bagan Lawkananda Wildlife Sanctuary in 2020

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Myanmar star-tortoises bred in Lawkananda Wildlife Sanctuary in Bagan. They are on the verge of extinction.  Photo: Maung Maung Htein (Kyaukpadaung)

Myanmar star-tortoises are bred in Lawkananda Wildlife Sanctuary in Bagan, Mandalay Region under fencing system. “The star-tortoises are found only in Myanmar. However, they are on the verge of extinction. To be able to increase the number of star-tortoises, we need to release them to their native places. The rare star-tortoise species are being bred in Lawkananda Wildlife Sanctuary to be able to conduct more research by the experts and to allow the public to come and see them for observation.
“To prevent the star-tortoises from extinction, Myanmar Government started to breed a total of 82 star-tortoises — 42 males and 40 females — in 2001 at Lawkananda Wildlife Sanctuary in Bagan region. “The first time of breeding of star-tortoises can give birth only a few numbers. Now, star-tortoises are being bred in thousands annually. Although authorities targeted to breed around 1,500 tortoises in 2020, it has bred a total of 1,830 star tortoises,” said U Shwe Htay Aung, the administrator of Lawkananda Wildlife Sanctuary. This year, the breeding of star-tortoises is 67 per cent, which is an increase from 48 per cent last year.
At present, there are a total of 7,500 star-tortoises in Lawkananda Wildlife Sanctuary. So, Lawkananda Wildlife Sanctuary is one among the world breeding farms which have the highest number of star-tortoises. Annually, more than 1,000 star-tortoises are being bred, which is an increase when compared to the target. —Maung Maung Htein (Kyaukpadaung) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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