1998 cultural heritage law to be amended before Bagan added to World Heritage list

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Hot air ballons carrying tourists over Bagan, one of the tourist attractions of Myanmar.

The government has a plan to amend the 1998 Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Regions Law as it no longer suited current situations, said Union Minister for Religious Affairs and Culture Thura U Aung Ko.
The remark came at the press conference on conservation of Bagan Cultural Heritage in Bagan yesterday.
He also disclosed that as regards submission to have Bagan Cultural Heritage designated in the list of global heritage, Nomination Dossier will have to be tendered at the end of September, 2017, with Nomination Dossier and Management Plan to be submitted in January 2018.
Following this, International Council on Monuments & Sites (ICOMOS) will come to Bagan Cultural Zone, for inspection and it will enquire attitudes of the locals, according to Union Minister Thura U Aung Ko.
“If we cannot carry out the task of renewing Bagan region, it cannot be carried out to do remaining works of writing nomination dossiers which are being done to have the region enlisted,” he said.
The plan to have Bagan Cultural Zone designated in the list of world heritage was launched since 1996.
“It had been resumed to have Bagan Region enlisted in the list of global heritage in 2017-2018. If and when Bagan Region has been enlisted in the global heritage, the invisible benefit we will gain is none other than “National Dignity,” said the Union Minister.
“In case, the plan to submission of having Bagan region designated in the list of global heritage had been delayed due to various reasons, it must be assumed that we will lose a chance on national dignity,” he said, “ Having Bagan cultural heritage enlisted in the global heritage, we will get cutting-edge technique and monetary subsidy to be provided by advanced UNESCO member countries.”
The local ancestors maintained the cultural heritages their forefathers established and cultivated, for thousands of years.
Like Myanmar, countries across the world have been facing natural disasters.
The Union Minister added, “It had been planned to submit to have Mrauk U region designated in the list of global heritage and to have Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon enlisted in UNESCO, temporarily.
Following that, Union Minister and responsible officials replied to the questions raised by media men, as to the plan of having Bagan Cultural Heritage Zone designated in the global heritage list, conservation of quake-hit pagodas in Bagan Region.
Present at the press release ceremony on designation of the area to have Bagan cultural heritage zone designated in the list of global heritage, were responsible officials, departmental officials and media men.

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