200-year-old Buddha statues near mount Sakyar, Natogyi

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 Photo: Nwe Nadi (Myit Nge)

Nwe Nadi (Myit Nge)

The ancient Buddha statues near Sakya Mountain in Natogyi Township, Mandalay Region are said to be about 200 years old, and were built during Konbaung period, according to scholars.
The site of the ancient statues near Sakya Mountain is designated as an Archaeological Zone and they were unearthed about four years ago during the construction of the mountain road from Pya village to Sakya Mountain.
The Archaeological Zone was divided into two as Cave 1 and Cave 2 and there are a total of 27 caves and more than 140 statues carved in the wall of the caves and mural paintings inside.
Natogyi Township in Mandalay Region is also famous for its Ingyin stone, star tortoise, village of people who still keep Myanmar traditional haircut and the well-known Sakya Mountain. (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)


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