2015General Elections of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Victorious Amyotha Hluttaw candidates and results

Elections Results Amyotha 1
No.Region/StateConstituencyVictorious candidateParty/ IndependentTotal Vote
1KayanNo.3U Baw Rei Soe WaiNational League for Democracy8162
2KayanNo.4U Saw Sein TunNational League for Democracy10030
3KayanNo. 7U Aung Kyaw SoeNational League for Democracy1431
4KayanNo. 8U Kyaw ThanUnion Solidarity and Development Party1636
5KayanNo. 9U Soe TheinIndependent1406
6KayanNo.12U Sai Pan PhaNational League for Democracy1473
7ChinNo. 5U Pugin Kam LienZomi Congress for Democracy5880
8ChinNo. 6U Ciint Khant PaungUnion Development and Solidarity Party5474
9TaninthayiNo. 2U That Naing SoeNational League for Democracy44107
10TaninthayiNo.3U Tun LinnNational League for Democracy34266
11BagoNo.5Dr. Tin Tin WinNational League for Democracy121928
12BagoNo.6U Min OoNational League for Democracy74726
13BagoNo.7Dr. Mya ThaungNational League for Democracy84277
14BagoNo. 10U Win KyaingNational League for Democracy105834
15BagoNo.11Dr. Win MyintNational League for Democracy133130
16BagoNo.12U Aung TheinNational League for Democracy125667
17MagwayNo. 1U Hla SanNational League for Democracy112578
18MagwayNo.2U Khin WinNational League for Democracy129575
19MagwayNo.3U Chit HtwayNational League for Democracy137181
20MagwayNo.4U Aung Kyi NyuntNational League for Democracy83238
21MagwayNo.5U Tin Aung TunNational League for Democracy135657
22MonNo. 1U Aye Min HanNational League for Democracy38309
23MonNo.2Daw Nwe Nwe AungNational League for Democracy35181
24MonNo.5Daw Myat Thida TunNational League for Democracy24375
25MonNo.6U Pe TinNational League for Democracy30126
26YangonNo. 1Dr Htay KyweNational League for Democracy237031
27YangonNo 2U Htay OoNational League for Democracy124515
28YangonNo. 3Dr Mya Nyana SoeNational League for Democracy240538
29YangonNo. 4U Than Soe (a) Than Soe (Economics)National League for Democracy191868
30YangonNo. 7U Ye Myint SoeNational League for Democracy226704
31YangonNo. 8U Kyaw HtweNational League for Democracy231762
32AyeyawadyNo. 8Daw Ei Ei PyoneNational League for Democracy156012
33AyeyawadyNo. 9Mahn Toe ShweNational League for Democracy128421
34KachinNo. 9U Khin Maung MyintNational League for Democracy30825
35KayahNo. 1U Phyay Rei (a) U Myint Than TunNational League for Democracy15763
36KayahNo. 2U Shay Rei Shu MaungNational League for Democracy14087
37KayahNo. 5U Shar MuNational League for Democracy3092
38KayahNo. 6Daw Lwi ZarNational League for Democracy2576
39KayahNo. 10U Sai Thar SeinUnion Solidarity and Development Party1456
40KayahNo. 11Daw Naw Mya SaeNational League for Democracy1569
41KayinNo. 3U Saw Chit OoNational League for Democracy20935
42KayinNo. 4Daw Nang Moe Moe HtweNational League for Democracy11414
43KayinNo. 7Daw Naw Christ Tun (a) Dr Arkar MoeNational League for Democracy14617
44KayinNo. 8U Mahn Win Khaing ThanNational League for Democracy21652
45ChinNo. 1U Ngun HayNational League for Democracy5257
46ChinNo. 2U Shen AwrNational League for Democracy6368
47ChinNo. 3U Henry Van ThiyuNational League for Democracy9393
48ChinNo. 8U Marn Law MongNational League for Democracy8031
49SagaingNo. 1U Kyaw ThaungNational League for Democracy209486
50SagaingNo. 2U Aung MyoNational League for Democracy305998
51SagaingNo. 3U Win AungNational League for Democracy236167
52SagaingNo. 4U Hla OoNational League for Democracy325418
53SagaingNo. 5U Ye HtutNational League for Democracy227437
54SagaingNo. 6U Zaw MinNational League for Democracy122264
55SagaingNo. 7U Khin Maung WinNational League for Democracy139618
56SagaingNo. 10U Tin Maung WinNational League for Democracy42883
57BagoNo. 1Dr San Maung MaungNational League for Democracy153388
58BagoNo. 2Dr Moe Myint AungNational League for Democracy92075
59BagoNo. 3Daw Shwe Shwe Sein LattNational League for Democracy129008
60BagoNo. 4Dr U Win Myat AyeNational League for Democracy121637
61BagoNo. 8Dr Win Myint ChitNational League for Democracy180309
62BagoNo. 9U Aye ChoNational League for Democracy164242
63MagwayNo. 6U Win MaungNational League for Democracy125181
64MagwayNo. 7Daw Than Than AyeNational League for Democracy126007
65MagwayNo. 8U Win MyintNational League for Democracy136083
66MagwayNo. 9U Mya Min SweNational League for Democracy156529
67MagwayNo. 10Dr Kyaw NgweNational League for Democracy81366
68MagwayNo. 11U Kyaw SweNational League for Democracy136841
69MagwayNo. 12U Pyu LwinNational League for Democracy108905
70MonNo. 3U Khin Zaw OoNational League for Democracy21942
71MonNo. 4U Lin Tin HtayNational League for Democracy21626
72MonNo. 11U Hla Myint (a) U Hla Myint ThanNational League for Democracy40192
73MonNo. 12Daw Thiri YadanaNational League for Democracy34527
74ShanNo. 7U Sai Lon San KhatNational League for Democracy56229
75ShanNo. 11U Kyaw Ni NaingUnion Solidarity and Development Party12255
76AyeyawadyNo. 1U Soe MoeNational League for Democracy171354
77AyeyawadyNo. 3U Hsan MyintNational League for Democracy151129
78AyeyawadyNo. 4U Htein WinNational League for Democracy212512
79AyeyawadyNo. 5U Maung Maung OhnNational League for Democracy178950
80AyeyawadyNo. 6U Mahn Tun KyaingNational League for Democracy80785
81AyeyawadyNo. 10U Thein SweNational League for Democracy135575
82AyeyawadyNo. 11Daw May Than NweNational League for Democracy120447
83AyeyawadyNo. 83U Kyi WinNational League for Democracy149869
84KachinNo.4U Naung Na JatanNational League for Democracy5731
85KachinNo.6U Min Swe NaingNational League for Democracy27798
86KachinNo.7U Win ZawNational League for Democracy20108
87KachinNo.8Dr Khin Ma GyiNational League for Democracy25580
88KachinNo.10U Thein LwinNational League for Democracy31065
89KachinNo.11Dr Khun Win ThaungNational League for Democracy9985
90KayinNo. 5U Sai Than NaingUnion Solidarity and Development Party2660
91KayinNo.6Daw Nan Ni Ni AyeUnion Solidarity and Development Party2500
92KayinNo.9U Saw B San Thein MyintNational League for Democracy13624
93KayinNo.10Dr Myo AungNational League for Democracy11136
94KayinNo.11Daw Naw Sar Mu HtooNational League for Democracy5434
95KayinNo.12U Saw Shar Phaung AwaNational League for Democracy6805
96ChinNo.4U Zone Hlyel HtanNational League for Democracy12393
97ChinNo.7Daw Kyein Ngaik MangZomi Congress for Democracy4347
98ChinNo.9Daw Khin Swe LwinNational League for Democracy3976
99SagaingNo.11U Nyi Nyi Htway (a) U Ko Ko LayNational League for Democracy48694
100MonNo. 7U Naing ThihaMon National Party10832
101MonNo.8U Myo WinNational League for Democracy2007
102MonNo.9Dr Zaw Lin HtutNational League for Democracy51360
103MonNo.10U Soe Thiha (a) Maung TuNational League for Democracy34049
104RakhineNo. 1U Wai Sein AungArakan National Party45087
105RakhineNo.7U Kyaw TheinUnion Solidarity and Development Party4087
106RakhineNo.8U Kyaw Kyaw WinArakan National Party5519
107ShanNo.1U Zaw Min Latt (a) U Ko LattNational League for Democracy226919
108ShanNo.2U Sai Tun AungShan Nationalities League for Democracy79134
109ShanNo.3U Sai One Hlaing KhamShan Nationalities League for Democracy65364
110ShanNo.4U Sai Ohn KyawShan National League for Democracy103247
111ShanNo.5U Sai Sar LuUnion Solidarity and Development Party40763
112ShanNo.6Dr Sai Saing Kyauk SamUnion Solidarity and Development Party34926
113ShanNo.8Daw Ma Ma LayNational League for Democracy40334
114ShanNo.9U Khun Thein PePa-O National Organization (PNO)150601
115ShanNo.10U Mong Ohn KhaingTa-aung (Palaung) National Party37545
116ShanNo.12U Sai San AungUnion Solidarity and Development Party7999
117TaninthayiNo. 1U Aung WinNational League for Democracy440686
118TaninthayiNo. 5Dr Lin Wai Phyo LattNational League for Democracy46420
119TaninthayiNo. 6U Tin WaiNational League for Democracy40506
120TaninthayiNo. 9U Kin SheinNational League for Democracy37271
121MandalayNo. 1Dr Than WinNational League for Democracy245982
122MandalayNo. 2U Tun Tun OoNational League for Democracy344315
123MandalayNo. 4Daw Hla Htay (a) Daw Ohn KyiNational League for Democracy259728
124MandalayNo. 5U Aung Myo LattNational League for Democracy162278
125MandalayNo. 6Dr U Kywe KyweNational League for Democracy123264
126MandalayNo. 7U Kyaw TokeNational League for Democracy192398
127MandalayNo. 8U Khin Aung MyintUnion Solidarity and Development Party158071
128MandalayNo. 9U Maung Maung SweNational League for Democracy112988
129MandalayNo. 10U Kyaw Myint OoNational League for Democracy145580
130MandalayNo. 11U Soe AungUnion Solidarity and Development Party130856
131MandalayNo. 12U Kyaw ThihaNational League for Democracy124877
132YangonNo. 10Daw Naw Hla Hla SoeNational League for Democracy172295
133YangonNo. 12U Kyaw NaingNational League for Democracy153811
134KachinNo. 3U Ze KhongNational League for Democracy12353
135KachinNo.12U Naing Ko KoNational League for Democracy31058
136KayinNo.1U Saw Moe Myint (a) SamuelNational League for Democracy34849
137KayinNo.2U Saw Than HtutNational League for Democracy38184
138TaninthayiNo.4U Han Win TheinNational League for Democracy31371
139TaninthayiNo. 7U Zaw HeinNational League for Democracy22317
140TaninthayiNo.8U Okka MinNational League for Democracy23711
141TaninthayiNo.10U Soe Thein (a) U Maung SoeNational League for Democracy32083
142TaninthayiNo.11Dr. Khin Maung WinNational League for Democracy28264
143MandalayNo.3Dr. Kyaw Than Tun (Kantong)National League for Democracy319409
144RakhineNo.2U Thet Tun AungArakan National Party39541
145RakhineNo.3U Khin Maung LattArakan National Party70950
146RakhineNo.9U Maung Kyaw ZanArakan National Party11916
147RakhineNo.10U Kyaw ThanArakan National Party35358
148RakhineNo.11Daw Htu MayArakan National Party38969
149RakhineNo.12U Soe WinNational League for Democracy76051
150YangonNo.5U Ba Myo TheinNational League for Democracy178901
151YangonNo.6Dr. Aung ThuNational League for Democracy182110
152YangonNo.9U Pe ChitNational League for Democracy206710
153YangonNo.11U Aye BoNational League for Democracy117707
154AyeyawadyNo.2U Sa Khin Zaw LinNational League for Democracy132716
155KachinNo.5U Zakhon Ting RingIndependent5143
156ChinNo.11U Hway TinNational League for Democracy8667
157ChinNo.12U Myo Htet (a) Salai Myo HteikNational League for Democracy8885
158SagaingNo.8U Ko Ko NaingNational League for Democracy156908
159SagaingNo.9U Maung Maung LattNational League for Democracy27101
160AyeyawadyNo.7Dr Pyae PhyoNational League for Democracy106224
161KachinNo. 2Daw Shilar Nan Taung (a) M Nan TaungNational League for Democracy49882
162ChinNo. 10U Lal Min HtanNational League for Democracy5689
163TaninthayiNo. 12U Khin Myo WinNational League for Democracy18262
164SagaingNo. 12U Min NaingNational League for Democracy29960
165RakhineNo.4U Kyaw KyawArakan National Party63677
166RakhineNo. 5U Myint NaingArakan National Party57443
167RakhineNo.6U Aye Thar AungArakan National Party75758
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