2021 New Year Greetings from Peace Negotiators, EAOs leaders

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The following are the excerpts from 2021 New Year Greetings of peace negotiators and EAO leaders reflecting the expectation of peace.

Dr Lian Hmung Sahkong
(Vice-Chairman of Chin National Front)
I wish that peace dialogues could turn into peace implementation in 2021. May all the national people make peace of the country this year after discussions on fundamental principles for the establishment of the Union based on democracy and federal system.
U Hla Maung Shwe
(Secretary, UPDJC)
I wish for the well-being of people in the new year. The Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) will implement peace-processes, including the Part 3 of Union Accord and discuss with the ethnic armed organizations which have not signed the NCA. I hope that we could make good results in these processes. May all the citizens enjoy peace and happiness in 2021 New Year, overcome the pandemics and establish a Union based on the democracy and federal system.
U Myo Win
(Vice-Chairman, of ABSDF)
We all encountered many challenges in 2020, in peace-making issue and the outbreak of COVID-19. I wish that all the people could free from the disease and get the vaccine. Peace and prosperity of the country cannot be made by the ruling party or the government alone. We need to work for national unity aspired by all citizens. We must try for lasting peace based on the good foundations.
Armed conflicts in Rakhine State and the northern part of the country have been under control to a certain degree. All the stakeholder must work together for peace. Enjoy peace and happiness in the new year.

Khun Myint Tun
(Vice-Chairman of PNLO)
I hope peace and unity could be made phase by phase in 2021. I also wish for the establishment of the Federal Union through national reconciliation and unity. I expect that we could overcome all sorts of crisis by the collective strength of our people.

Saw Mra Razar Linn
(Deputy Leader of Peace-Making Group, ALP)
I wish that all the national people could enjoy health and well-being in the new year. My wishes also reflect the expectation of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP). I believe that the ethnic armed organizations, the government and majority of the public have agreed that the establishment of a Federal Union is pivotal to the peace. I conclude that absolute devotion is needed in serving for the country.

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