25 bodies of Hindu villagers identified

72 3Of the 93 missing Hindus from Yebawkya Village in northern Rakhine State, the remains of 45 were discovered in a mass grave and 25 were identified by the leader of a Hindu assistance group and Yebawkya villagers.
The search continues recover the remaining missing Hindus.

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When the search was resumed on Monday, two more mass graves containing the remains of 17 Hindu villagers were found 200 meters from the other graves. The search continued yesterday, but no remains were found. Officials said the search will continue.
The leader of the Hindu assistance group and Hindus from Yebawkya village identified 25 people out of the remains of the 45 people found.
Those identified were: Mat Ralaung, 18,, Arshi Kuma, 20, Daw Aungdu Balar, 50, Daw Bikyuni,45, Ma Gawyali, 35, Ma Me Naw Balar, 32, Ma Bijaw Banlar, 30, Ma Dogal Naw Balar, 25, Ma Biruna, 25, Ma Sulani, 22, Aungzu Bala, 50, Myint Hlaing , 19, B Rawbala (30 years), B Juli, 45, Bunani, 20, Naw Balar, 35, Rorani, 35, Metawbalar, 30, Melaung, 18, Akhwe Kumar, 20, Biruna, 25, Zaw Tein Draw, 55, L Maungtaw, 25, and Birunia, 35, from Yebawkya village and Raju, 22, from Tamatha village.
The remains of the 45 villagers were inspected by Maungtaw People’s Hospital Superintendent Dr. Kyaw Maung Maung Thein, Township Judge U Zaw Zaw Than, and criminal investigative
department Police Major Ye Aung. — Information Committee

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