28 suspects including Kyaw Zin Tun (aka) Thetta arrested for committing bombing attacks after explosive training

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The terrorist groups CRPH and NUG committed murder cases against innocent people and bomb attacks on schools, government-owned buildings even during the outbreak of COVID-19. Therefore, the security forces investigate to uncover their activities.
The police arrested Kyaw Zin Tun (aka) Thetta, Wine Tuu Khant and Pyae Pyae Cho together with driver Saw Thaik at Mayanchaung inspection point of Kyaikto Township on 16 July who was communicated with Khin Kyaw (UNRA) who conducted explosive training at KNLA Brigade 5 area, and another suspect Saw Lwite at his house in Mayangone Township.
According to their confessions, the police also arrested Phyo Wai Hlaing and Htet Aung Yin in Mayangone Township, Aung Kyaw Oo at Hlinethaya Township, Ye Lin Tung and Thet Liwn Oo in Lanmadaw Township on 17 July while Min Min who completed the explosive training on 18 July in Hlinethaya Township and Sithu Aung in Insein township.
The police detained Khun Set Naing, Pyae Sone Aung, Ye Yint Aung and Aung Ko Than in Insein township on 19 July based on the words of Sithu Aung. The security forces arrested Kyi Naung, Aung Soe Min and Aye Aye Mon (aka) Ei Ei Swe in Kamayut township on 20 July, and seized the explosive materials at the house of Kyi Naung and also arrested Sithu, Thar Htoo Kyaw, Kyaw San Oo and Aung Htoo together with one homemade bomb and communication device in Insein Township on 21 July.
According to the confession of Phyo Wai Hlaing, Htet Aung Yin and Ye Lin Tun, they committed a bomb attack on the house of one civilian in Shwe Wah (1) street of Insein Township on 11 July while Pho Wai Hlaing and Ye Lin Tun shot homemade bomb to the power station of Insein township on 13 July and Htet Aung Yin planted mine at One-Stop Mart in Nant Thar Gone Ward of Insein township on 19 July.
They all were ordered by Saing Mon and the police arrested him together with Wai Phyo Maung in Hlaing township on 17 July.
According to the words of Saing Mon, they kept the explosives at the flat located in Than Thu Mar Street in Thingangyun Township and the police seized these materials for the safety of people.
The police also arrested Thurain Maung Maung Oo together with the explosive materials in Mayangone Township on 25 July and another two suspects –Tint Lwin and Phyo Wai Tun on 28 July in the same township.
The security forces arrested 28 suspects including Kyaw Zin Tun (aka) Thetta together with homemade bombs, detonators, magazines and other explosive materials.
According to Kyaw Zin Tun (aka) Thetta, he returned from the training with the help of Tun Aung Kyaw (chairman of UNRA) from Japan and he will provide cash assistance to conduct bomb attacks on departmental offices and police stations in Mandalay Region. Pyae Pyae Cho and Wine Tuu Khant arranged to do so and Pyo Wai Hlaing, Htet Aung Yin, Ye Lin TUn and Min Min also planned to plant mine at MEHL bus terminal in Insein, office of commerce and One-Stop Marts and to kill the ward administrator. They gathered the youths and created explosive materials in Yangon after their explosive training. When they gathered the groups, Saing Mon will take cash assistance from the ones living in foreign countries to provide the trainees and buy the homemade bombs to destroy the state stability.
They also organized Special Task Force (STF) with those who completed the explosive training and arranged to kill innocent people and commit bomb attacks at the public areas and government offices. Phyo Zeya Thaw (aka) Zeya Thaw (former Zabuthiri Township Hluttaw MP of NLD 2015) arranged to commit such destructive elements with the cash assistance of CRPH and NUG.
Aye Aye Mon persuaded the youths to join the military training conducted in ethnic armed groups-controlled areas and gave training and created or distributed the explosives to the ones who committed bomb attacks to affect the stability of Yangon. Thurain Maung Maung Oo also exploded the homemade bomb at No (3) Ward of Mayangon Township on 5 May and at the motor vehicle office at Thamine Junction of Mayangone Township on 5 June.
Currently, the security forces accelerate the security measures as the terrorist groups CRPH and NUG urged the youths to make destructive elements and join the explosive training by communicating with Khin Kyaw (UNRA) and ethnic armed groups. Moreover, the people should cooperate with the officials to arrest the suspects to ensure stability and the detained suspects will face legal actions under the law. —MNA

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