2nd Amyotha Hluttaw 5th Regular Session concludes at its 53rd Day Meeting

Dr Tun Naing copy
Dr Tun Naing, Deputy Minister for Electricity and Energy.  Photo: MNA

The distribution of electricity to villages was one of the issues discussed at the 2nd Amyotha Hluttaw 5th regular session at its 53rd day closing meeting yesterday in Nay Pyi Taw.
Dr Tun Naing, Deputy Minister for Electricity and Energy replied to the question raised by U Kyaw Myint Oo of constituency 10 in Mandalay Region on electricity delivery to villages.
“Distribution of electric power to villages has been under way by spending the annual budget allotment for the ministry, by using annual budget allotments for Region and State Cabinets and by getting annually granted loans from international countries. Some villages are implementing the acquisition of electric power on a self-help basis, with the money collected from the villagers to brighten their locations earlier than normal. In doing so, the ministry designated 12 principles to abide by for village committees acquiring electricity. The aims of those 12 principles include long-term survival of gridlines and transmitters to be constructed by village committees and freedom from the risks of electric power and techniques for reducing power loss. Members of village committees were transparently elected by voting in accord with rules and regulations of the constituency of teams and organisations, under the supervision of the township department of general administration. If the tenure of the committee expires, new members are to be elected again. Annual financial reports must be made, and if financial frauds are found, new committee members are to be elected again by voting. The Office of the Union Attorney General, the Office of the Union Auditor General, the Ministry of Home Affairs, representatives from Region and State Cabinets, Hluttaw representatives and the public are negotiating for the emergence of rules and regulations for supplying power in villages”, Dr. Tun Naing said.
Afterward, Speaker of Amyotha Hluttaw noted the accomplishments of the parliamentary body. “The 2nd Amyotha Hluttaw 5th regular session held its meetings from May 18 to August 31 for 53 days.

U Kyaw Myint Oo copy
U Kyaw Myint Oo of constituency 10 in Mandalay Region.  Photo: MNA

Parliamentarians made 235 asterisk-marked questions and 208 non-asterisk-marked questions regarding their performance for the sake of the people. Over those questions asked by the parliamentarians, authorities concerned at the Union Level gave replies in writing or verbally, individually or collectively from the ministries. In the sector of submitting motions, six motions urging the Union Government were put forward to the Hluttaw, it was decided to accept for discussion by the Hluttaw, so four motions were approved, one put on record and one left to be carried out further.”
“As regards submitting bills, five bills sent from Pyidaungsu Hluttaw were put forward to the Hluttaw for discussion. Then, drafting committee read out the report. After discussions of parliamentarians over the report, it was sent to the Pyithu Hluttaw after getting the Hluttaw’s approval. Out of the bills approved by Amyotha Hluttaw, sent to Pyithu Hluttaw for discussion, four bills were returned to the Hluttaw with the amendment attached. Hluttaw approved them as amended by Pyithu Hluttaw. Hluttaw sent to Pyithu Hluttaw 7 bills with amendment attached and two bills as amended by Pyithu Hluttaw. Moreover, putting the bill on the amendment of anti-corruption law (third revised) forward to Hluttaw, reading out the report of drafting committee and getting approval of Hluttaw were performed and sent it to Pyithu Hluttaw. Pyithu Hluttaw sent back the decision of approval without any amendments. Similarly, bill on Myanmar Gems and Jewellery, 2017 was put forward to Hluttaw. After reading out the report, parliamentarians made discussions and acquisition of Hluttaw’s approval, sending it back to Pyithu Hluttaw”, the Speaker of Amyotha Hluttaw added. “In the sector of submitting reports, reading out the reports of 12 committees to Amyotha Hluttaw, discussing in support from parliamentarians and approving from Hluttaw were performed. Committees formed inside the Amyotha Hluttaw held 174 meetings in all, during the session. With the view to upgrading capacities of Amyotha Hluttaw representatives made eight debates. Research, Public and International Relation Department issued three short term papers for representatives during the session, with 65 parliamentarians finding 113 pieces of information they wanted, and 24 underway.”
Finally, Speaker of Amyotha Hluttaw announced that the 2nd Amyotha Hluttaw 5th regular session successfully came to a close.


Aye Aye Thant
(Myanmar News Agency)

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