2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 4th regular session lays stress on education matters

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Education matters were discussed at the 11th meeting of 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw 4th regular session held in the meeting room of the Hluttaw yesterday morning.
U Win Maw Tun, deputy minister for Education, replied to the question raised by Dr U Min Thein of Ye-U constituency as to whether there were any arrangements for opening basic training courses based on health, agriculture, art and sports for youths to be able to effectively spend the summer vacation.
“For youths to spend the summer vacation in basic education schools, the ministry of education is conducting Red Cross courses, summer sports trainings, Myanmar basic dance, courses for playing the violin, flute, drums and fife in cooperation with the ministries of health and education, religion and culture. Also there will be a basic computer training course and basic training courses for Buddhism in cooperation with school executive committees and PTAs at the township and district level in Regions and States.
“Starting from 2006, in basic education schools, soccer, volleyball, sepak taktraw, karate, athletics, wushu, Myanmar martial arts, and tae kwon do were conducted starting the first week of March annually. In 2016, 4,682 trainees attended. In Yangon, 33 kinds of sport training courses are offered during summer vacation months every year. In 2016, 52,621 trainees were present at the training courses. And, in cooperation with the ministry of agriculture, courses on livestock breeding and irrigation, nutritious vegetable plantation courses and knowledge on Myanmar traditional medicine and ways of living on a healthy diet were offered in cooperation with the ministry of health and sport.”
In replying to the question raised by Daw Tin Tin Yi of Kyunsu constituency, U Win Maw Tun, deputy minister said, “Myanmar Board of Examinations under the Ministry of Education submitted to the management committee, the Ministry of Education, to open 142 examination assessment centres for the matriculation exam on 27 December 2016. Among 142 centres, 65 were not eligible to be designated as exam assessment centres, with 77 centres recommended to be eligible to be designated as the exam assessment centres. After scrutiny of 77 centres, 3 were cancelled for lack of recommendation of their respective Region Cabinet, from the list of centres to be designated as assessment centres. So, 74 new exam assessment centres will be opened in the academic year 2016-2017. Nyaungbee village basic education high school was included in 15 centres that lack security requirements, so it was not allowed to have it enlisted in the matriculation assessment centres list in the academic year 2016-2017. If one centre’s security was broken, it will harm nearly 700,000 candidates.”
Similarly, U Win Maw Tun replied to the questions of U Saw Tun of Mudon constituency and U Htay Min Thein of Gyobingauk constituency. Following that, five Hluttaw representatives discussed the motion urging the Union Government to systematically make educative programmes with separate budgets targeted, raised by Daw Yin Min Hlaing of Gangaw constituency. Concerning the motion, U Sai Oo Kham of Theinni constituency discussed the
motion in support.
U Thaung Htay Lin of Patheingyi constituency put forward the motion of support to the Hluttaw that educative programmes are greatly needed to be extended more than now, to protect increasing rates of drug-abuse, and to present drug-related crimes and knowledge on traffic rules through social websites mostly used by today’s youths. Over the motion, Dr U Aung Khin of PyinOoLwin constituency, U Kyaw Min Hlaing of Ottarathiri constituency and Daw Wint War Tun of Shartaw constituency seconded.
In replying to the motion, Dr Pe Myint, Union Minister for Information said, “In performing the tasks of launching educative campaigns to inform necessary matters to the public, all the ministries are implementing the plans under the category of educative programmes with the targeted budget. In some cases, they were not listed under the particular category, but funds were being used according to each programme. Concerning these, it needs to be presented about the performances of the Ministry of Information. There is no particular targeted budget for the ministry to spend under the category of educative work. But, the duty of the ministry is to inform, to educate and to entertain. Accordingly, though spending for educative programmes was not included in the category of a separate budget, performing educative programmes can be said to have been included in the whole budget of the Ministry. As regards the educative performances of the Ministry, they are being implemented according to the ratios. For example, in the sector of TV, 45 per cent are for informing, 25 per cent for educating and 30 per cent for entertaining. In the sector of radio, 40 per cent are for informing, 30 per cent for educating and 30 per cent for entertaining,” followed by submission to the Speaker of the Hluttaw, to put it in record.
Speaker of the Hluttaw announced that the motion was put in record with the approval of Hluttaw.

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