4th ASEAN Occupational Safety and Health Network Award Ceremony to be held in Myanmar

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The MoL deputy minister meets the accupational safety and health officials yesterday.

A meeting with occupational safety and health officials from the workplaces/factories was held yesterday morning at the Skills Training School in Yangon to prevent injuries and occupational diseases in workplaces and to increase workers’ safety and productivity.
At the meeting, Deputy Minister for Labour U Win Shein said that the occupational safety and health officials who attended the meeting should educate the workers to prevent injuries in the workplace, adding that it is necessary to coordinate between the employer and the employee to be able to attend necessary training courses and get the support materials under the existing labour laws.
The deputy minister also said that workers should be provided with appropriate personal protective clothing, equipment, and accessories to protect their work environment from noise, light, heat, cold, particles, fumes and hazardous materials. Arrangements must be made to put up posters, occupational safety and health instructions and directional signs in line with the regulations.
In case of emergency, arrangements should be made as required and the Chief Inspectors and the inspectors should conduct systematic inspections when inspecting workplaces and cooperates as necessary, he continued.
At the 4th ASEAN Occupational Safety and Health Network Award Ceremony to be held in Myanmar in September, the ceremony will award entrepreneurs from factories/workplaces which will be awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award and Good Practice Award.
Afterwards, the Director of the Workshop and Labour Law Inspection Department explained the activities that could endanger workplaces and workplace injuries caused by hazardous workplaces. Workshops discussed the experience of the competition at the ASEAN Workplace Safety and Health Network Award, which was awarded in previous years, and the participants asked questions and the Deputy Minister coordinated the necessary matters. — MNA

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