4th Industrial Revolution — nurturing the next generation

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The current progressive trend in the world is being described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The First Industrial Revolution saw the rise of steam engines and boilers, the second focused on electricity and automatons, and the third ushered in electronic technology and the world wide web.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be a continuation and advancement of the third and shall focus on artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D tech, biotech, self-driving vehicles, and other technological advancements.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution looks set to make rapid and expansive changes, but there is a likelihood that it will destroy existing jobs by replacing people with machines. This calls for young people to be prepared for the approaching change and think ahead.
President U Win Myint spoke along these lines recently at the Youth All-Round Development Festival in Magway, where he urged everyone to raise youths, who are all born with talent, to adapt to the changing times, be resilient in face of challenges, and skilled in relevant sectors, while learning to love their people and their nation. He also said we must instill a sense of duty among youth so they voluntarily assist in national development.
Only highly-skilled human resources would be able to help establish a developed, modern nation founded on the principles of a democratic federal republic desired by the people.
A third of our nation’s population is young. Citizens aged 15 to 35 years make up 33.8 per cent of Myanmar’s demographics. The Union Government has been organizing Youth All-Round Development festivals with the aim of building our human resource pool to equip our youths with the necessary skills, knowledge, perspectives, and values to establish a resilient and wise society.
It is our opinion that the current generation must keep pace with change and help pass on the necessary skills and values to the next generation as they take the reins of our country in the future.

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