5,000 acres of farmland aimed for modern farmland project in Shwebo District

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Aerial view of farmland in Shwebo District, Sagaing Region. Photo: Soe Wai Aung (KhinU)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are jointly carrying out the Agriculture Income Improvement project (AIIP) to boost agriculture incomes of residents in Shwebo District, Sagaing Region.
The 5,000 acres of farmland in Shwebo District are being used in the AIIP from the 2018-19 to 2024-25, according to Township Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department (IWUMD).
The 575 acres of land owned by 147 farmers near Latechin Village in Shwebo Township have been operating the modern farmland project since January 2019, and they are using irrigation water since 10 July, said U Tayzar Tun, Head of Township IWUMD.
Among the 5,000 acres, the remaining 4,425 acres will continue to be undertaken by the Working Committee, which included the chairman of the District Management Committee.
Targeted areas include 315.09 acres of Wetlet Township and 308.87 acres of Dabayin Township for 2019-20, 499.85 acres of KhinU Township, 417.37 acres of YeU Township and 485.71 acres of Taze Township for 2020-21, and 2411.19 acres of Shwebo Township for 2021-22, to be used in the AIIP project in Sagaing Region.— Soe Wai Aung (KhinU)
(Translated by La Wonn)

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