53 invested businesses create more than 35,000 job opportunities for local people

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Skilled workers at fish processing to store fish in cold storage.

According to the office of the Yangon Region government, 53 invested businesses entering Yangon Region created more than 35,000 job opportunities for local people.
From January to the third week of December 2022, a total of 35,792 local workers were employed in Yangon Region through both foreign and domestic investments.
Service and manufacturing industries include in that investment. Myanmar citizens invested more than K19.396 billion in 12 new businesses whereas foreign investors put their investments worth US$74.462 million in 41 new businesses.
The local businesses with investments are operating production of bags, garment products through CMP system, plastic bags, value-added bran products, manufacturing of bags and sandals in CMP system, instant food manufacturing, value-added fish and shrimp products and thread production in CMP system.
In addition to these investments, the amount of investment of the currently operating businesses and the increasing of the workforce, Yangon Region Investment Committee approves increase of invested amounts and number of labours under the law. —TWA/KZW

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