5th Mya Sein Yaung project loan disbursed in Minyat village, Kyaukpyu

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Rural Development Department pays out Mya Sein Yaung project loans for locals in Minyat Village-tract in Kyaukpyu Township in third week of January 2021. Photo: Tin Tun Oo (IPRD)

Department of Rural Development disbursed the fifth year loan of the Mya Sein Yaung project on the morning of the third week of January in Minyat village tract in Kyautpyu Township, Rakhine State in accordance with the COVID-19 protection guideline.
The officials of the Township Rural Department went to the houses of borrowers and systematically provided a total of K35 million, the fifth year loan of the Minyat village Mya Sein Yaung Project, to 39 farmers, 35 livestock farmers, 20 fishers, 12 traders, 3 professionals and 1 manufacturer. The Minyat village Mya Sein Yaung project was implemented in 2016-2017FY and a total of 669 people from 130 households in those villages have already benefited from the project.
There are 30 Mya Sein Yaung project villages in Kyaukpyu Township, and a total of 16,309 people from 3,806 households are already benefiting from the project, according to the township Rural Development Department.—Tin Tun Oo (IPRD) (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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