600 more acres of onion, garlic to be grown in Sagaing

A farmer waters onions at an onion farm. Photo: Ko Nay

Sagaing Region is planning to grow about 600 more acres of onion and garlic as winter crops, according to the local farmers.
“We are planning to grow more crops in December. We are relying on winter onion more than monsoon onion. Not only onion but also garlic is grown mostly in winter because there can be less moisture in harvest time. Fresh onion and garlic will emerge in March and April. This year, each farmer will grow one or two acres of onion and garlic, said a local farmer from Katha.
Now, the local farmers are preparing to grow the onion and garlic, collecting the seeds and repairing the farmland.
“Last March, the onion and garlic yield dropped. So, both garlic and onion were stored at the warehouses for four months. Then, both onion and garlic prices have risen because of high demand from India and Bangladesh. This is the reason why the local farmers are growing more onion,” said a local grower from Kalay. In 2019-2020 financial year, about 54,400 acres of land were put under cultivation of onion and garlic in Sagaing Region. But this FY, some 55,000 acres of land will be put under cultivation of onion and garlic with 42,750 acres of onion and 12,250 acres of garlic.
The local farmers will grow 5,807 acres of onion and 195 acres of garlic in Sagaing District, 2,592 acres of onion and 1,434 acres of garlic in Katha District, 3,372 acres of onion and 2,528 acres of garlic in Kale District, 366 acres of onion and 88 acres of garlic in Tamu District, 9,645 acres of onion and 344 acres of garlic in Monywa District, 58,354 acres of onion and 1,503 acres of garlic in Yinmabin District and 11,331 acres of onion and 5,254 acres of garlic in Shwebo District. Likewise, a total of 172 acres of land will be put under cultivation of onion in Kanbalu District, 647 acres of onion and 487 acres of garlic in Mawlaik District, 290 acres of onion and 155acres of garlic in Kani District and 174 acres of onion and 262 acres of garlic in Naga Self-Administrative Region. —Aye Chan Moe  (Translated by Hay Mar)

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