7 agreements reached at Govt, NCA-S EAOs meeting on COVID-19 preventive measures

The 7 points of agreement on the control and treatment of COVID-19 disease were made during a video conferencing yesterday between the government coordination committee and the Peace Process Working Team (PPWT) of NCA-S EAOs (Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement – Signatories, Ethnic Armed Organizations).
Dr Tin Myo Win, the Chairman of committee, delivered an opening remark, with conveying the message of State Counsellor for the success of meeting, and explained the objectives of committee not to discriminate against race, religions and location in line with ‘no one left behind policy’ and to communicate with non-signatories in NCA to implement measures against the COVID-19 disease.
He added the government will fulfill the needs of ethnic armed organizations in their facing against the pandemic, and international assistance will be sought for these areas, if necessary.
Salai Hta Lar Hay, leader of PPWT, expressed their appreciations for the formation of coordination committee on 27 April to prevent and contain the disease.
He confirmed PPWT will work together with this committee in line with paragraph 25 in the Chapter 6 of NCA for effective measures against the pandemic.
The meeting made agreements on the issues of disease control measures, treatments, returnees from foreign countries, international assistance, searching the persons who contacted with the positive patients and organizing follow-up discussions.
U Hla Maung Shwe, the member of Peace Committee’s Advisory Board, said, “This is the first online meeting with EAOs. Over 20 participants exchanged views on the topics. The coordination committee will make detailed discussions with each member of EAOs. So far, we reached the 7 points of agreement.”
U Myo Win, the coordinator in implementation of NCA and the representative of NCA-S EAOs, said, “We discussed joint measures against COVID-19 in the controlled areas of EAOs. We will also work together for treatments. However, it is not possible for medical treatments in these areas, and the positive patients will be taken to the hospitals of respective regions and state. The EAOs will take the role to follow and search the persons who contacted with positive cases.”
Both sides will work together in handling migrate workers and IDPs, seeking funds from both the government and international organizations.
The government committee will hold talks with the Karen National Union on 11 May and with the New Mon State Party in the following day.—MNA (Translated by Aung Khin)

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