70-foot Bailey Bridge on township-to-township road completes 100%

Bridge EDMH

With K206.777 million of the fifth grant of the Republic of India, the Progress of Border Areas and National Races Department of the Ministry of Border Affairs implemented the 70 feet long two-layer bailey bridge across the Titi Creek and completed 100 per cent.
The bailey bridge is located on the 117th mile of dirt road and was constructed 225 miles and four furlongs Long on the Lahe-Leshi inter-township road. The bridge was built by the Sarameri Family Company and was completed cent per cent so that local people can cross the bridge during the rainy season.
The completion of the bridge will improve transport, education and health sectors for 11,248 people and 2,247 houses in nine villages. It would also greatly benefit the region’s development. — MNA

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