7,458 job opportunities created in Bago Region within seven months

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The Seventh meeting of the Bago Region Investment Committee was held on 26 August 2022.

In the investment activities, the CMP businesses that will provide more employment opportunities for the local people are being approved, said Bago Region Chief Minister U Myo Swe Win.
In addition to wind turbine energy, the region can generate electricity through solar energy, which is renewable energy, he added.
He said so at the Bago Region Investment Committee meeting (7/2022) was held at Tawwin Hantha Hall of the Bago Region Government Office on 26 August.
All must continue to encourage the investment in factories and workshops so that there are no empty plots in the industrial areas, the chief minister said.
The chief minister continued that the necessary technology and loan support must be provided for small and medium-sized industries to continue operations.
Myanmar Husheg Yanshili garment factory construction period extension with the approval of Bago Region Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, the extension of the construction period for Huishun (Myan) Industrial Co Ltd factory leasing service, the extension of the construction period for the Brew Master Co., Ltd brewery construction project are under implementation.
The members of the regional investment committee explained the importation of new raw materials for Wiawis Myanmar Co Ltd.
Responding to the presentation, the chief minister fulfilled the needs in accordance with rules and regulations.
According to the reports of the Bago Region Investment Committee, from 1 February 2021 to August 2022, foreign investment and Myanmar national investment reached US$123.712 million and K9,529,115 million, creating 7,458 job opportunities. — MNA

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