80% of Chindwin river crossing bridge completed

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Chindwin bridge under construction over the Chindwin River in Khamti, Sagaing Region. Photo: Supplied

The Road Department of the Sagaing region has finished building 80 per cent of the Chindwin river crossing bridge.
To develop villages and towns in the upper Chindwin regions, the Chindwin river crossing bridge (Homalin) is being constructed by Bridge Department, operating under the Ministry of Construction.
The Chindwin river crossing bridge (Homalin) is located on Homalin-Katha-Aungzayar-Tamu road. The bridge will link Homalin Town in the east of Chindwin river to Katha Village in the west. The bridge is 2,762.6 feet long and will have two sections: a one-mile and four-furlong stretch at one end on the Homalin side and a four-furlong bridge at the other end on the Katha Village side.
The bridge is being constructed at a cost of Ks7,200 million, with fund allotment from the 2016-2017 fiscal year (FY) budget and Ks14,880 million from the 2017-2018 FY budget.
“The construction of the bridge was started on 21 August 2016. So far, 80 per cent has been completed. Once the bridge is completed, it will contribute to the socio-economic development of the local people living in the Homalin, Katha, Aungzaya and Tamu towns. The bridge will be opened to the public in the first week of April next year,” said an official from the Bridge Department.
With the opening of the bridge, villagers will enjoy a smooth ride on Monywa-Ye U-Thetkalkyin-Phaungpyin-Homalin road.


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