80 hospitals, clinics provide healthcare services to 600,000 workers

A total of 80 hospitals and clinics provided healthcare services to 600,000 workers with social security insurance as of July 2023, according to the Ministry of Labour.
There are over 890,000 workers who are members of the Social Security Board in Yangon Region, and Yangon Workers’ Hospital, Htantabin Workers’ Hospital, 22 Township Social Security Clinics, 18 Departmental Clinics, a traditional clinic, 30 contracted clinics, and 10 maternity service clinics provide healthcare treatment to these workers.
Healthcare services are being expanded with 20 free-for-service payment clinics, 26 capitation-payment clinics, and 12 maternity-service clinics signing contracts to make healthcare for insured workers more efficient. The hospitals and clinics that have signed agreements with the Social Security Board are open every day, and insured workers have the right to receive treatment for up to 26 weeks. — TWA/MKKS

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