More than 8,000 tonnes of fertilizers imported by sea

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Myanmar imported more than 23,090 tonnes of fertilizer between 19 and 20 Nov. by sea.  Photo: Phoe Khwar

DOMESTIC importers bought more than 8,000 tonnes of fertilizer from foreign trade partners by sea between 26 November and 2 December, according to the Commerce Ministry.
When compared with the previous week before 26 November, the import volume of fertilizers decreased by over 14,420 tonnes. The country imported a total of 23,070 tonnes of fertilizers between 19 and 25 November.
During the aforesaid week, the country imported 2,000 tonnes of fertilizer from Germany, over 1,000 tonnes from Iran, 476 tonnes from South Korea, 98 tonnes from Norway, 1,050 tonnes from Pakistan, 3,490 tonnes from Russia and 515 tonnes from Thailand. Myanmar usually imports compound fertilizer, nitrogen, foliar and urea from Europe, East and West Asia, and Southeast Asia.
Demand for fertilizer has been on the rise in the country. One agriculturalists said that farmers should not rely too much on chemical fertilizers, but instead systematically use natural fertilizer on their farms, to improve the health of farmland and consumers.


Chaw Su

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