80,000 Thilawa SEZ shares traded so far this month

The stock trading of Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings (MTSH) Limited resumed on 4th November, with a total volume of nearly 80,000 shares. The base price for an MTSH share was Ks5,100, it is learnt.
A total of 78,269 shares of MTSH were traded and the share prices at the closing time rose to Ks5,200 per share on 4thNovember, amounting to Ks412,442,200. Meanwhile, First Myanmar Investment (FMI) traded 3,395 shares whereas Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) traded 843 shares.
Only shares of FMI and MCB were traded at Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) during trading suspension of MTSH shares. The stock trading of these two companies declined.
According to YSX’s market statistics monthly report, September is recorded to have the lowest trading value with over Ks2.4billion. The split of MTSH’s shares attracted the attention of those engaged in stock trading and the share price rose in October. Additionally, the stock trading value at YSX hit over 4billion.
On 7th November, the share prices were Ks16,500 per share of FMI and Ks9,600 per share of MCB. But, the share price of MTSH dropped to Ks4,900 per share at closing time. A total of 46,675 shares of FMI, MTSH and MCB were traded at YSX on 7th November, it is learnt.— Ko Htet

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