817,000 saplings prepared in Ngaphe Township for 2022 rainy season

2022 sskm

Officials of the Forest Department in Ngaphe Township of Minbu District in Magway Region are preparing a total of 817,000 saplings in the Myoma nursery garden, the PinOo temporary nursery garden and the Taungpaw temporary nursery garden for the 2022 rainy season in order to revitalize tropics and implement environmental protection.
The cultivated saplings are 749,800 Mezali trees, Myanmar rain trees, teak, star-flower trees, Mohur trees, hyacinths, tamarind, neem, eucalyptus in the Myoma nursery garden and 64,800 of teak tree in the PinOo temporary nursery garden and 2,400 of eucalyptus in the Taungpaw temporary nursery garden.
The total of 817,000 saplings includes 64,800 teak trees for commercial teak fields, 4,800 Myanmar rain trees and Mezali trees for 55 acres of watershed fields in the 2022 rainy season and 25,000 plants such as teak, star-flower trees, mohur trees, hyacinths, tamarind, neem for officials and public plantations in the rainy season agricultural movement, 720,000 eucalypti for 30 acres of village firewood fields, 2,400 eucalypti for mixed crops and forest fields are prepared to plant depending on rainwater, according to the Township Forest Department. — Ma Yu (Ngaphe)/GNLM

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