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92 fuel oil price surges in Yangon

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A car is seen getting its tank filled up with fuel oil at one pump station in Yangon.

In the local fuel oil market, the price was high about K90 per litre of Octane 92 and K10,000 per gallon of Octane 92, according to the Fuel Import, Storage and Distribution Supervisory Committee on 18 May.
On 13 May, fuel oil prices in Yangon were K1,995 per litre of Octane 92 and K2,045 per litre of Octane 95, while it was K2,090 per litre of 92 and K2,150 per litre of 95 on 14 May. The price of Octane 92 was high about K90 per litre and K105 per litre of Octane 95 when the prices were compared with those in the period between 13 and 18 May. The price of Octane 95 is nearly K10,000 per litre and more than K10,000 per litre of Octane 95.
“Most taxis use Octane 92 and the prices have not been reduced for four days. Passengers do not pay upcharges despite high fuel oil prices. It won’t be more than K500/1,000. It is difficult to ask for much more taxi fares. Passengers know the distance and they can’t pay high fares. We suggest they ride in a gas taxi. Some passengers know fuel oil prices are high so they don’t bargain,” said taxi driver Ko Okkar from Insein. It was K2,260 per litre of diesel and K2,285 per litre of premium diesel yesterday. The fuel oil prices are fixed in respective townships and the prices are different from K100 to K340.
The committee released the prices based on the 4 May reference retail prices of the MOPS. — TWA/GNLM

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