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92 per cent of worksite-3 completed at Thanlyin Bridge No 3

202116 sskm

A new Thanlyin Bridge is under construction.

According to the Bridge Department of the Ministry of Construction, 92 per cent of the worksite-3 of the Thanlyin Bridge No 3 project has been completed.
The department said that remaining part-1 and part-2 of the project of Thanlyin No 3 Bridge, which is being built across the Bago River, are underway under the name of Project Worksite Parts (1), (2), and (3).
Part-3 of the project, which is now 92 per cent complete, is being constructed with an arched design from near the toll gate on the Thakayta side of old Thanlyin Bridge to Thakayta Roundabout near the 108-elbow Pagoda.
Since that part is the part that has to be carried out on land, the work has been completed successfully and it has appeared as a sky bridge.
At present, paving the floor and handrails are being done.
It has a height of 18 feet and a length of 825 meters. At present, more than 92 per cent of the work has been completed.
Part-1 of the bridge project will start from the side of the bridge and will include the PC Box Girder Bridge and the Steel Box Girder Bridge, and it will continue to the beginning of the Steel Cable Stayed Bridge in the middle of the water.
In this section, the foundation sections on the upper side of Thanlyin bank have been completed, and the columns have already started to go up to the ground.
Furthermore, the ramp section is still being worked on, and the section-1 is 1312 meters long.
The project part-2 is the main bridge part and includes Steel Cable Stayed Bridge parts, Steel Box Girder Bridge and PC Box Girder Bridge.
It is reported that the section of the Embankment Toll Gate is included in the concrete paved bridge in front of the project office on the Thakayta side.
The construction of the Thanlyin Bridge project began in May 2019, but the work was temporarily suspended due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease, and the project resumed in February 2021.
Thanlyin Bridge No. 3 is being overseen by Japan’s Joint Venture of Nippon Koei, a consultant, in cooperation with the Bridge Department and JICA, and is cooperating with seven related companies.
The bridge has a total length of 3,500 meters, including the main road and ramp. It was built 125 meters away from the currently used Thanlyin Bridge.
The bridge has four traffic lanes including two-way roads and with 75 tonnes of withstanding. The project is being carried out with a Japanese loan from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at a cost of 31 billion Japanese yen.
After the completion of all the construction works of Thanlyin Bridge No 3 over the Bago River, the traffic congestion will be reduced and the flow of goods will be improved for the Yangon-Thanlyin-Thilawa Special Economic Zone, as well as the socio-economic life of the region.—TWA/GNLM

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