955.33 tons of green gram from Khayan, Thongwa exported in 22 days

green gram 1 Ko Kyaw Thonegwa 72With the aim of getting a good price, growers from villages in Khayan and Thongwa townships adopted a collective sales scheme for green grams cultivated through good agricultural practices. The growers said they sold 955.33 tons of green grams in 22 days — from 7 to 28 February — for export.
Furthermore, the growers said they are currently sending the harvested green grams to a warehouse in Khayan Township.
The Regional Farmers Development Association aimed to cultivate green grams using GAP, and bring about a stable market for green grams through group sales. Officials from the townships’ Agriculture Departments discussed agricultural techniques with growers. Myint Myat Taw Win Company exported the green grams to foreign markets.
“Previously, green grams were cultivated the wrong way, including the misuse of pesticides, and growers lacked knowledge about their cultivation. But now, growers are earning more profits and are becoming satisfied with the sales as they are getting good rates,” according to the Regional Farmers Development Association.
Green gram grown in Myanmar has a market in China and other countries, unlike mung bean, which is solely dependent on demand from the Indian market. On 29 March, India, the main buyer of Myanmar pulses, announced an import quota of 150,000 tons each for mung bean and green grams, and 200,000 tons for pigeon peas for its financial year starting 1 April, according to the pulses market. — GNLM (Translated by La Wonn)

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