“A grain of sand, a piece of brick”

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • In the world, everybody or everything is concerned with the word, “Beginning.” The word is defined in dictionaries as, “the time when something starts,” and “the first or early ideas, signs or stages of something.” Familiar as it is with all of us, we tend to forget meaningful essence of this word. “Beginning”, the word, carries the characteristic meanings—inexperience, unfamiliarity and excitement and others. Here, remarkable experiences that nearly every individual had ever faced in their life need to be recounted. Most will be remembering their very first day of going to schools. Some will have known bitter experiences at the very beginning of schooling, according to recounts made by their parents. At that time, worries and fears of departing our parents and families we love would have occupied our immature minds.
    The second experience is concerned with nearly all the adults who have joined the new environment or a job. Much as we have a considerable knowledge about the new environs, we have anxieties, and worries together with excitement. That could be called “a baptism of fire” which is meant for a difficult introduction to a new job or activity. Fears as to whether we shall meet inconveniences in associating with fellow staff including superiors and in performing office routines have occupied our minds. Yet, we came to know that our career environments became comfortable ones, as time passed. Suffice it to say that the beginning might have been “a hell-like period” for us, but later it may become a pleasant one. But, there is one condition that we also need to try ourselves to get acculturated and accustomed to the new working environments. Failing that, the career we have chosen will never give us enjoyment or satisfaction all throughout our lives.
    Now, our country is trying to march toward a modern federal democratic Union under the leadership of our chosen government which is keenly focused to keep its election promises. Most of the people in the country showed their aspirations by voting overwhelmingly for the NLD party which won by a landslide victory in the 2015 November general elections. They wanted to change everything—old regime, old habits and behaviors, mindsets, malpractices, bribery and corruption, traffic and urbanization issues. Some took part in changes significantly whereas some are still
    reluctant to give up their deep-rooted habits. At such a time of nation building, we need to invite all people to join in the efforts of the government. Do not be hesitant to be a grain of sand or a piece of brick in these epoch-making historic changes. Work hard for peace then development will surely follow.

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