A just use of resources

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AS a nascent democracy, our country is in urgent need of a broad political consensus in favour of democratic reform. Despite a great wealth of natural resources, the country has never been able to enjoy peace and prosperity on sheer account of ideological differences between power brokers and communities. Much disagreement arises from how to exercise the sharing of power and resources.
The problem of resource allocation is widely attributed to the greed for the lion’s share of the country’s resources.
A moral from Aesop’s fable titled “The Lion’s Share” is a perfect example. In the fable, the lion, the jackal, the fox and the wolf hunt a male deer together. The lion orders his fellows to divide the carcass into four. The beast takes the first portion as King of Beasts, the second as an arbiter and the third for his part in the chase. As for the fourth portion, the lion roared: “Which of you dare lay a paw on it?”
Simply put, resource allocation is the process of assigning resources to various uses in a manner that propels national development and addresses the problem of poverty. Modernising a country and promoting the welfare of all citizens encompasses a wide range of responsibilities and requires the balancing of disparate needs and priorities. The government is believed to be smart enough to formulate its most important goals and define the most effective course of action to ensure the best returns. The point is that the use of resources should benefit everyone across the country.

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