A mature society will never accept hate speech

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[dropcap font=”0″]A[/dropcap]ny act which is intended or is likely to promote feelings of hatred, enmity or discord between racial or religious communities or sects is contrary to this Constitution, according to section 364 of the state constitution. It is not just a provision of the constitution but also a basic social norm that should be abided by every human being in every part of the world.
However, there are many humans who are instigating hatred among humans. Such acts will never lead to peace even if their hate speeches are supported by many others. One should not think one is successful because one has many followers who spread hatred.  They are the people who will destroy a harmonious and peaceful society sooner or later.
The one who is really successful in his or her life is a person who can bring about genuine peace for a society by getting rid of all hatred that existed for many years. It doesn’t matter how many supporters they have, those who create new hatred are just destructionists for a society. People who really love a society will never destroy it but some people who say they love their society may destroy it. A mature society will never accept hate speech.

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