A member of a team should be a team player

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  • Aye Min Soe
  • Collective work, often called teamwork, requires getting rid of “self” and obtaining “us”. This helps tremendously in overcoming challenges.
    Every society, community and group can avoid conflicts when they attempt to overcome their challenges as a team, a solidified, proud unit. With this esprit de corps, we can overcome many, if not most challenges.
    We all understand that different views only help us in finding the best solution. The secret is in understanding the opposing point of view. This will help us define the right solutions, because whatever solution we adopt for ourselves, our society and our country has to meet the standards of humanity and human needs.
    A newspaper is like a football team, in many ways, a good example for esprit de corps.
    There are people in charge, like a chief editor or head coach, and there are different roles that everyone must play in order to be successful. Teamwork, for a football squad or a newspaper staff, is an essential quality that fosters high morale, camaraderie and good work habits.
    But if one of the members of the football team or newspaper chooses not to be a part of the team, this has detrimental effects.
    Unless all members participate as a team, which includes helping a colleague when they are overwhelmed or not at their best, then the team as a whole suffers.
    The morale, camaraderie and work habits are in danger of eroding if all are not willing to contribute. A disgruntled, mean-spirited, or power-hungry member who criticizes the team and is a tattle-tale ceases to be a member of the team.
    In fact, the team member who is not a team player in effect ostracizes himself by distancing himself from the team effort and becoming an enemy of his colleagues.
    Fortunately, this behaviour can be remedied. If the disgruntled, power-hungry member decides to become a part of the team again and does his share of the work and occasionally the work of others, then he has a good chance of once again being considered a team player.
    But if the disgruntled, power-hungry member continues his opportunistic ways, there will be harm. The distance and enmity between the power-hungry member and his colleagues will grow to the point that the rift can never be healed.
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