A one-sided approach will not help resolve issues

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  • The problems that people living in a country face are often not that different. They show us that we face similar challenges in our lives, and we are in the same boat, aiming for the same goals. Therefore, we must lend a helping hand to others. But, at the same time, we must remember that a one-sided approach can hinder our progress.
    Finding solutions through negotiations is important for all of us. This is because human beings have the ability to communicate and talk through their problems to find solutions and overcome diversity, without resorting to fighting.
    We must take a far-sighted approach to issues at hand, while taking lessons from the past before making decisions.
    To develop a region and to solve complicated issues, there needs to be cooperation between the government and the people in the right way.
    Myanmar’s land confiscation issues are complicated, and the Union Government is committed to resolving them properly, and with compassion and fairness, as part of efforts for promoting the rights and socio-economic life of farmers.
    As it is directly related to the socio-economic development of the people, the land management issue must be settled correctly, in accordance with the rules and regulations, laws, and procedures.
    According to the law, land which is not utilized during a stipulated period shall be released. People must respect the law. If they find some laws to be unfair, they have an obligation to change them. The government and the people must work together to achieve that goal.
    To resolve issues, it is important to function within the existing laws, or the country’s stability can be threatened. The regions and states have witnessed land ownership disputes coupled with land confiscation issues. As we try to resolve those issues, the people are urged to take a balanced approach, taking into consideration the ownership and the development of the country. With magnanimity, we can find solutions to issues.
    We have many weaknesses that we need to address, and we have many challenges to face. However, we have confidence in our collective strength and the capacity of our people to overcome these challenges.
    With collective strength and unity, we can overcome obstacles on the rocky road to democracy.
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