A salute to real heroes walking among us

As the vaccination process begins for our heroes who have held us up through this pandemic, our country has opened a new chapter towards recovery from the pandemic.
The India-donated 1.5 million doses of vaccines mark just the beginning of what could be a long and messy road towards the end of the pandemic that has upended life and taken the lives of over 3,000 people in our country.
When it comes to vaccinating our people including frontline warriors and people nationwide, our hearty salute should go to the countries which have donated vaccines to us, our people who contributed cash towards the fund for purchasing vaccines and regular people who have transformed themselves into selfless frontline warriors in the face of crisis and the people who are still following the health guidelines.
Our sincere thanks also go to the people who understand why priority is given to frontline workers, the elderly and other at-risk groups as doses are initially limited supply with a sense of responsibility and good citizenship.
We are confident that our people will also be patient and wait for their turn with trust and confidence thanks to the Union Government which is serving the people with openness and transparency.
We appeal all the people to abide by COVID-19 health rules and guidelines during the period when the vaccines are still not available.
And, those who have been vaccinated against the virus are urged not to even think of putting the mask away anytime soon.
Still, we need to be alert and active with the understanding that “people’s participation is a must” and assist in overcoming the challenges. Strength and maturity can be attained by facing new experiences.
The first shots were given in our country yesterday and we will see a mass vaccination campaign in the coming weeks.
Without the help of donors, frontline health workers and our people, we cannot open a new chapter in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.
They are our true heroes and an army of citizens, who are ready and willing to do what is required to help each other keep going during the difficult times now, and into the future.
We salute our true heroes walking among us.
They have shown us that real heroes may not wear capes or swords on their backs but they go beyond the call of duty, risking their own lives to keep you, me and everyone around them safe.


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