A skilled workforce is the backbone of our economy

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  • Providing the jobless or the underemployed with the right training and the right job is an investment which can bring lasting returns.
    Skilled workers are a necessary resource for the development of a country. There is a need for skilled employees in Myanmar who understand the production mechanism, and who can work with their hands.
    Skills are not inborn. To acquireskills, we need to undergo training, and we have to keep improving on them in the right way.
    It has been seen that specialized skills have become more important in our technology-driven economy. Skilled workers are the economic backbone of developed countries.
    According to a survey in Thailand, there are three million Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand, and thousands of Myanmar migrant workers in Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries. Of the Myanmar workers employed overseas, more than 65 per cent are general workers and about 35 percent fall in the category of intellectuals and intelligentsia.
    Myanmar has abundant human resource in terms of the number of workers. But, it has been found that the number of skilled workers is not as high as we expected. Workers who do not understand the necessary modern skills cannot benefit the country as much as skilled workers, and they also cannot find good jobs overseas.
    To help workers gain skills, the National Skills Standards Authority needs to expand the scope of its work, and this can be achieved only through the cooperation of all stakeholders.
    The NSSA has received ISO 9001:2015 certification for its Quality Management System for the sustainable development of work, management of work processes in accordance with international norms, and ensuring quality in the work process.
    The NSSA was firmly established as a certifying authority for national skill level 1 to 4, under the vocational training sector’s national skills quality framework.
    The NSSA required a Quality Management System certification to allow it to connect and work with national skill level certifying groups from other countries in the region.
    With the certification, it can conduct part of the ASEAN Economic Community’s work processes for certifying skill levels mutually, and Myanmar migrant workers get equal rights and opportunities as skilled workers from countries in the region.
    The higher the number of skilled work force we can produce, the better it is, not only for potential employees, but also businesses that continue to be our economic backbone.
    More youngsters must consider taking up skilled trades, many of which pay well, and educators and employers need to reach out and train them, as a priority. Once people get the right training, they can land good jobs.
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