A small plant cannot bear fruit overnight

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[dropcap font=”0″]A [/dropcap]certain length of time is needed for any changes or developments. Smooth transition is not like a revolution. Most of global society prefers evolution to revolution. Nobody wants bloodshed or chaos to undermine the development of their society.
Evolution, however, needs a sound and sincere foundation for a better future of every society. Transition is a transformation process in which society changes in a fundamental way over a generation or more. Society fundamentally chooses the goals of a transition, governments take crucial role in bringing about structural change in a stepwise manner. Governments have to make adjust of goals to overcome conflicts between long-term ambition and short-term concerns resulting from transition.
Change is everywhere. Within the contest of an organisation, the challenge is learning to handle change effectively, while adjustment and fine-tuning is inevitable. However, it is be better for change to occur through evolution.
Evolutionary change is incremental and takes place step by step, over time. Commonly, it can ensure the survival of an organisation. However, such practice may have been prompted by outside pressure.
Supporters of revolutionary change envision complete overhaul, renovation and reconstruction. In addition, such type of change may lead to reshaping and realigning strategic goals and to radical breakthroughs in beliefs or behaviours. It may be followed by radical transformations of products or services.
The second type of change is very difficult for a fledgling democratic society. It requires maturity, especially in knowledge and experiences, to be able to manage and control the impacts. Efforts and endeavours must be adjusted with the existing situations. A small plant cannot bear fruit overnight no matter how many buckets of water it receives.

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