A solution to setting minimum wage

Setting a minimum wage has been under discussion for some time in Myanmar without success, as representatives for employers and employees have been unable to reach an agreement. Some employers say they cannot afford the wage level employees have demanded, while employees say the minimum wage they have sought is just enough for their basic needs. As a result, negotiations for the minimum wage have been delayed again and again for some time.
In the United States, employees have demanded a minimum wage of US $15 per hour, but the federal government is not doing enough to support the claim of employees. Therefore, regional governments are being pressured to pay $15 per hour and a number of city councils, including that of Los Angeles, have voted to set this as the minimum wage rate. Recently, Los Angeles city council voted for the $15 per hour minimum wage and employers in the city area with more than 20 employees are required to institute it by 2020. This has encouraged other cities across the country to follow suit.
Following the US example, the minimum wage here should be set temporarily, region by region, state by state, or industrial zone by industrial zone, where agreements have been reached between employers and employees before the setting of a national minimum wage.

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