A Statue of Mystery

Running Like the Wind“Oh! please, somebody take that disgraceful statue away,” Daw Khin Saw Mu cried. She looked very much distracted and frustrated. This was caused by a statue that was on the coffee-table and it was looking at her, showing his big disgusting smile and holding a sword on his right shoulder. It was the figure of a man but it was more like an ogre because of his big mouth and extremely large eyes. It looked so freakish to the landlady who was grieving for her husband Ko Min Khaung who passed away a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately. She had also lost her son.
Daw Khin Saw Mu was a good housewife for Ko Min Khaung and the mother of a 10-year-old boy called Phoe Khwar. They were a happy family at first, but the situation changed when Phoe Khwar brought the statue home. One evening, Phoe Khwar came back from school and he looked so happy because he picked a statue up by chance and he just thought it was a toy holding a sword on the shoulder.
“What’s this, darling?” his mother asked, and he replied,” Nothing, mom! It’s my toy.” Then at night, Daw Khin Saw Mu accidentally saw a man walking into the kitchen, but she did not care about this because she thought it was her husband Ko Min Khaung but it was not. Ko Min Khaung was sleeping on the bed at that time. She was amazed seeing him asleep because she just saw him going into the kitchen a minute ago. So she rushed into the kitchen and found nothing. The next morning when she was in the kitchen and preparing for the breakfast, she felt like somebody was staring at her.
She said to her husband, “You know what, I feel something during these days. Have you guys also felt that?”
“No, my dear,” he answered.” I think, you just need to rest”, he added. He said, “Well, my dear, I’ll take my son to school today.”
“Thank you, darling” she said.
The clock on the wall was showing 6pm and Ko Min Khaung got back home with his son, but he found that all were quiet. He called out his wife,” Khin! Where are you?” No one replied and everything in the house were in their right places, except the statue, because it had fallen on the floor. He put it back, right side up, and went to bed. There he found his wife, lying on the bedroom floor and with blood dripping from her mouth. It looked like she was dead. He was so surprised and called out her name.
“Khin! What has happened to you…? Khin….Khin….!!!”
Daw Khin Saw Mu woke up exhausted and sweated. She just took a nap and got a terrible dream. It actually was 2pm, and still nobody else had come back home. She went into the dining room and found something mysterious. It seemed like somebody was having a meal because on the dining-table, there were some plates with some food in them. Besides, the statue of her son was on the floor lying. She was amazed and she thought that someone had trespassed when she fell asleep. She checked the whole house but everything, except the dining-room, was normal.
Then, her husband and son came back and she told her husband what had happened in the house. While they were talking about that mystery and the statue, a Saint stood in front of their house and said,
“Oh, Instability (Anei’ sa), Trouble (Dou’ kha), Insubstantiality (Ana’ ta), Everything we do is what everything we get. Karma is not a liar,”
As soon as the Saint had left, the statue on the floor was right side up by itself, and its big eyes were so shining and looking at the family who didn’t notice them but were doing their own business by themselves.
Now, it was 11pm and the family were in a sound and deep sleep. But at the corner of the sitting-room, the statue was moving by itself directed to the bedroom of the couple with shining eyes. Surprisingly, the right hand of the statue that was holding a sword was moving like a man and went into the bedroom. It climbed onto the bed on which the couple were sleeping.
Suddenly, Ko Min Khaung was awake and found the statue, but at that time, all parts of the statue were normal. He, then, had no idea why it was on the bed and hurled it away to the corner of the bed, while going to the toilet drowsily. He did not notice that the statue was staring at him furiously. It followed him to the toilet. He sat on the toilet seat, eyes closed, and the statue climbed up his body, but he was unaware as he was so sleepy. Finally, something that was sharp cut his throat off so cruelly, and he called out his wife’s name in a frightened way.
“Khin!….Khinnn!…..Help…me!…” But she did not wake up and, finally, Ko Min Khaung was gone because of the evil statue.
In the morning, Daw Khin Saw Mu woke up as usual but when she found out her husband’s death, she could not control her mind and she cried like a baby. But her son, Phoe Khwar did not cry. There were no culprits who did it. Now, her son and she were left alone in this world. And the mysterious things kept happening on and on. Then one day, she found out the culprit when she was doing the laundry and her son Phoe Khwar was playing in the sitting room. She went to the sitting room and she heard her son’s voice telling to a stranger,
“You are very good, my friend. But you don’t need to tell anyone back. Ok? Now, only my mother needs to be sent away to Heaven. Can you do it, my friend? Oh, I know, you can do it.”
She could not believe what she heard at first and she was more surprised when she knew that the child was talking to the statue. She could not understand what actually was going on. But she tried to be calm and called out her son,
“Phoe Khwar, what are you doing, my son?”
“Nothing, Mom,” he responded. “Then, do your homework, baby,” she added. While he was doing his homework, she took the statue and was planning to go outside of the house to throw the statue away, but she did not notice that her son was chasing after her. When she was at the top of the stairs, Phoe Khwar gave her back a hard push and made her fall down the stairs. With a deep scream, she fell down. She was dead because of her own son.
At the top of the stairs, Phoe Khwar was laughing happily. He laughed and laughed and then he started to cry. He cried too much that his voice was lost. And on the floor, the statue’s eyes were shining and his big mouth was smiling as usual.
At a hospice for mental illness, a boy was laughing and then he started crying instantly. And he said, “Good boy, I’m a good boy. But my mother and father don’t know how good I am.” It was Phoe Khwar. Yes, he was suffering mental illness. He was suffering bipolar disorder and that made him to talk to the statue and his parents because he believes that heaven exists and he wanted to send his parents there. And the statue was no longer with him because…
A 10-year-old girl was running home from school. She accidentally falls down on the ground and she finds something. That is a statue that looks like a man but more like an ogre and now it’s smiling at her. She guesses.

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