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[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]he Asia-Europe Meeting, known as ASEM, is a forum for dialogue and cooperation between Asia and Europe, which is organized with the objectives of addressing economic, cultural and political issues and cementing the relationships between the two regions while upholding mutual respect and equal partnership.
ASEM takes place every two years in Asia and Europe alternatively. Now, the 10th ASEM Summit is being hosted in Milan, Italy, with the theme “Responsible Partnership for Growth and Security”. The theme reflects a key opportunity to enlarge the scope of the relationship between Asia and the EU.
Today’s world requires European and Asian countries to work closer than ever before so that both sides can enjoy growth and prosperity and ensure security and preserve stability. Now is not the time for Europe and Asia to take dominant positions for the simple reason that Asia needs Europe and vice versa, which is why they should cooperate to advance and benefit together.
With its businesses flourishing at unprecedented rates, Asia is now seen as an engine of global economic growth. At the same time, Asia needs to depend on Europe for its technical know-how and its largest share of marketplace all over the world. In addition, the European Union has richer experience and expertise to share with Asia.
Nowadays, every country needs to commit itself to an open global economy in strengthening trade and investment links with the rest of the world.
As for emerging economies, the role of small- and medium-sized enterprises cannot be overestimated. These days, every continent has come to considered SMEs an essential part of economic recovery and a constant source of employment.
All things considered, the establishment of the Asia-Europe connectivity through a network of actions and projects will bring greater opportunities for investment, growth, prosperity, stability and understanding as well.

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