A test of political maturity

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The public will go the polls on 8 November to select the government that they believe has the best potential to get Myanmar back on track.
With the election now just a couple of weeks away, political parties have heightened their electioneering by vying with each other for the voters’ attention. The common refrain of who and who isn’t voting is constantly being fed to potential voters by political parties, and as a result even swing voters may now have a particular party in mind for the historic poll.
It is encouraging to see that people all over the country have become more dynamic in a political sense than previous generations were. The reason for this is because today’s generation is less naïve and can’t be fooled twice. Another reason for heightened levels of public awareness is that we’re living in the age of information and technology.
After witnessing the benefits of a major shift from the closed-door policy to an open door one, we have collectively come to understand the ways of the world.
Reforms in political, social, economic and educational settings are of paramount importance and we have nothing to lose in making our transition to democracy.
After all, the upcoming election is a time for all of us to show the rest of the world that we deserve a robust democracy. Above all else, it is a test of our political maturity.

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