A TIME FOR ORDER — Yangon Chief Minister pledges crackdown on gangs

Myanmar Policemen march in downtown Yangon.
Myanmar Policemen march in downtown Yangon.

THE Yangon Region government is set to focus on bringing about the full strength of the police force in order to guarantee the safety of the people, said Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein, pledging to end the gang threats against law enforcement officers in the city.
The Chief Minister gave his vow to curb organised gang violence and crimes in Yangon Region at a meeting on the regional government’s 100-day program that aims to ensure the rule of law and reduce crime in the commercial city of the country yesterday.
An effective administrative mechanism will be set up to combat gang presence in designated areas of the region, said the Chief Minister, adding that he is committed to rooting out gangs that threaten public safety and make death threats to police.
As gangs and crimes are a danger to the rule of law, it is imperative to ensure effectiveness of police services by increasing police strength, equipping them with modern devices and funding operations, said the Chief Minister.
During the meeting, Col Tin Aung Tun, Yangon Region Minister for Security and Border Affairs, called for mass participation in the 100-day plan in cooperation with authorities concerned.
A system of reward and punishment will be exercised, said the minister, adding that it is unacceptable to keep accepting bad members that can affect the whole organisation.
While the plan is put into effect, 70 per cent of the police strength of 5,780 officers in Yangon Region is set to be used for security measures together with 200 additional police members from police battalions, said Action Police Brig-Gen Win Naing of Myanmar Police Force.
According to the MPF, there is a rate of one police officer per 1,274 people in Myanmar due to a decline in police strength.
Since the start of the plan as of 1 May, a total of 495 cases including 51 cases of gambling and 63 cases of narcotics were filed and 70 suspects were arrested up until Monday according to the Yangon Region Police Force.

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