A villain tends to resort to wicked ways in time of difficulty

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It is not a strange thing that the world with different kinds of races has various kinds of beliefs. And, some belong to the same race but they have different likes, so they profess different beliefs. Simultaneously, some from different races like the same thing, thus they hold a similar belief. To sum up, we all are concerned with each other in some way or another and we need not take the words “similarity or difference in race and belief,” into consideration. To make it clearer, I want to explain like this. Now, we are living in Myanmar, a country comprising 135 national races. Generally, those from same race marry among themselves, but there are many who are married to those from different races. As another example, I want to point out a family. A man and a woman from different races meet to form a sweet home, building up a pleasant family. Born of the same parents, siblings may be similar or different in ideas, likes and thinking. Yet, unless there is sibling rivalry among them, they will be happy and peaceful.
    For a family, a community or a country to be able to live in peace and happiness, we need to understand each other and to live in unity. Though being born of the same community, attitudes, mindsets and characters differ from each other, depending upon the environments they are brought up in. In other words, those living far from literature and circles of wisdom are likely to become villains in our society. They have been deprived of love and compassion and become morally bankrupt. Once we hear the word, “villain,” we remember the main bad character in a story or play. Villains mean persons who are morally bad or responsible for causing trouble or harm. In fact, we can be likened to parts or organs of the body. For our body and soul to survive, all organs are required to do their individual chores respectively. Failing so, our bodies will collapse. All organs need not find faults with each other. Hands are used for working, eyes for watching and ears for listening. Tongues are used for tasting, but they send food chewed by teeth to other necessary internal organs for sustenance our bodies need. In fact, villains can be said to be infected organs. Our organs need to be healed of particular diseases, if ever. Likewise, villains are infected with diseases of greed, anger and especially ignorance. Lack of knowledge and wisdom makes them lose morality, and judgment, leading them to do anything without reluctance, provided that they will gain benefits. They forget we all are like parts of the same body, thus they no longer know it will hurt tips of their fingers if they pinch with their own finger nails. If seriously infected organs go
    uncured, they will harm us to destruction. Likewise, morally corrupted villains should
    not be permitted to roam around at large as they are extremely dangerous and more dangerous than endemic, pandemic and epidemic diseases. They tend to resort to wicked ways in time of difficulty. Now is the time for us to catch these villains and keep them locked up, for a long, long, time if needed.
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