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AA attack WFP’s relief aid convoy for locals in Paletwa

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A convoy transporting relief aid donated by Chin government, the World Food Programme and the Tatmadaw to the local people in Paletwa Township in Chin State on 29 April amid bad weathers is attacked by AA terrorists.
Depending on the road conditions and security purposes, the 31 commercial vehicles led the five six-wheeled trucks of WFP, guarded by security forces and the traffic security unit.
About 10,000 metre west of Sami Town, the AA terrorists followed and opened fire on the WFP aid convoy by heavy and small arms.
After an exchange fire of security forces, the AA terrorists run away from the scene.
Due to the attacks, U Win Ko Aung, the driver of WFP living in Pakokku Township, was wounded on his face by pieces of wind screen, and fuel tank and wind screen of his car were damaged by small arms.
The remaining five trucks were also spoiled on some parts.
With the protection of security forces, the relief items arrived in the area of local military command in Paletwa at 4 pm yesterday.
The injured driver was given medical treatment by a medic of security force which is now performing duties for restoration of peace and security in the area.
Relief aid and commodities will also be distributed to the locals, according to the report of Office of Commander in Chief.—MNA (Translated by Aung Khin)

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