AA group attacks Tatmadaw columns in Yathedaung, Maungtaw

P3Tatmadaw columns conducting security operations near Yaysoe Chaung Village in Yathedaung Township, and Kyiyapyin Village in Kyauktaw Township were attacked by AA group with small and heavy arms on 25 and 26 March.
The fighting caused some casualties among the security forces and the troops also found some bodies of AA personnel, and seized 3 arms and related materials.
On the morning of 25 March a Tatmadaw column reaches the eastern bank of Nga San Baw creek southwest of Yaysoe Chaung Village where about 10 AA personnel positioned inside the mangrove forest on the opposite bank opened fire. After ten minutes of clash, the AA group withdrawn toward the west and the Tatmadaw column continued the security operation.
Yesterday morning a Tatmadaw column conducting road security work near Kyiyapyin Village Kyauktaw Township came under attack twice by about 150 AA personnel with small and heavy arms. The attacks resulted in some casualties among Tatmadaw personnel and some remains of AA personnel, 3 assorted arms and related materials were captured by the Tatmadaw.
The Tatmadaw column was continuing security operations in the nearby area. AA group was attacking towns, wards, villages and mining roads and were also attacking the Tatmadaw columns containing them. Tatmadaw columns were increasing the road security and region stability works, according to news released by Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief Office. — MNA (Translated by Zaw Min)

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