Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru title conferred on venerable Sayadaw

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Vice-Senior General Soe Win offers the Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru Title to Sayadaw Bhaddanta TiLoka Bhivamsa yesterday .

A ceremony to confer Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru title for 2021 took place at Maha Nandithenayama Monastery in Kyunlone Okshaung Ward of Chanmyathazi Township in Mandalay Region yesterday.
The ceremony was graced by members of the Sangha led by venerable title recipient Sayadaw Bhaddanta Ti Loka Bhivamsa (Pali Paragu) of the monastery, Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win and wife Daw Than Than Nwe, Council member U Moung Har, Chairman of Mandalay Region Administration Council U Maung Ko, Commander of Central Command Brig-Gen Ko Ko Oo and wife, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) and guests.
The Vice-Senior General conferred the title of Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru and regalia on venerable Sayadaw Bhaddanta Ti Loka Bhivamsa and offered robes and alms.
Sayadaw of Yadanarbon Building from Maha Dhammika Yama Monastery Bhaddanta Sihanada delivered a sermon, and the congregation shared merits gained.
Sayadaw Bhaddanta Ti Loka Bhivamsa of Maha Nandithenayama Monastery was born of U Han and Daw Paw Myaing in West Kangyi Ward in TadaU Township of Mandalay Region on 2nd Waxing of Tabaung, 1294 ME, Saturday. He was a novitiate on full moon day of Pyatho, 1305 ME and ordained on 8th waxing of Tabodwe, 1314 ME, under supervision of Sayadaw Bhaddanta Candima of KyunU Pariyatti Learning Centre. Now, the Sayadaw turns 88 with 68 vasa. The Sayadaw passed Pahtamange, Pahtamalat and Pahtamagyi examinations and obtained Sasana Dhaja Dhamma Cariya title in 1958 and Sasana Dhaja Siripavara Dhamma Cariya title in 1961. The Sayadaw is giving lectures to student monks and novices at Maha Nandithenayama Pariyatti Learning Centre. The Sayadaw compiled the Parajikam Alin Pya treatise. The Sayadaw served as secretary of Township Sangha Nayaka Committee, Chairman of Questioners Group for TadaU Township Pariyatti Sasana Dhika Examination, questioner for Toungoo Saddhamma Pariyatti Examination, DaikU Pariyatti Sasana Nuggaha Examination and Myingyan Saddhamma Pariyatti Examination and Ovadacariya of Mandalay Chantha Gyi Rice Offering Association. At present, the Sayadaw is serving as a member of the State Central Working Committee of the Sangha. So, Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru title was conferred on the Sayadaw for his excellent performances in serving Buddhism’s interests.
The Vice-Senior General, wife and party offered gold foils to Maha Muni Buddha Image in Mandalay. Then, they paid homage to ancient Thatta Thukhan Shweyinaye Pagoda, Hsin Kyo Shwegu Katkyaw Pagoda and historic Thanthay Katkyaw Pagoda in Amarapura and donated cash to funds of the pagodas. — MNA

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