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About 12.54 mln diesel to be sold in regions/states at special price


Twenty-six companies that have imported petrol for USD 34 million, which is sold directly at the central bank’s reference exchange rate, will supply about 12.54 million gallons of diesel at a special price.
The Ministry of Commerce and the Myanmar Petroleum Trade Association has been collaborating to provide the people with fuel at reasonable rates.
It is reported that 10 companies will distribute the imported fuel at 99 petrol stations across the country starting from 11 January, and the people will be able to purchase diesel at respective stations at a referenced price set by the Myanmar Petroleum and Petroleum Products Inspection Department.
If any overcharging is found, the consumers can complain about it through the contact numbers 09 664075683, 09 664596327, 09 687635943 and 09 676320826 of the National Trade Facilitation Committee, 01250270 of Yangon Region Consumer Affairs Department and 09 421006794 of the Myanmar Petroleum Trade Association. — MNA

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