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About 168 consumer complaints reported in Sagaing in four years

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Consumers are buying food at one of the streetside vendors.

There were about 168 cases of consumers complaints in the Sagaing region in the last four years, with the highest number of telecommunications services complaints, said Daw Yee Lin Htut, the deputy head of the Consumer Affairs Department in Sagaing Region.
“Sagaing Region Consumer Affairs Department received a total of 168 complaints from 2018 to 2022. Among them, seven cases were reported about food complaints, eleven cases, products complaints, 142 cases, services and eight cases, other services. The services complaints are the highest among other complaints. But the telecommunications services complaints have been completely solved,” said Daw Yee Lin Htut.
Out of 168 cases, 165 cases have been already resolved whereas the remaining three are concerned with the Katha district tractor machines cases, it is learnt.
“The customers bought the tractors with the instalment system. But the shop was delayed to provide the services over the malfunction. Besides, the customers had to buy the spare parts at an expensive price. The customers want to get back their money and want to return the machines to the company,” she clarified.
“The cases haven’t been solved yet because we could not contact the shop in the current situation. We will continue to solve these three cases,” said Daw Yee Lin Htut.
The Consumer Affairs Department is giving awareness-raising activities regularly for the consumers to know the rights to complain over their losses. During the pandemic period, the department is distributing the pamphlets and provides awareness talks following the COVID-19 rules and regulations.
“The World Consumer Rights Day falls on 15 March. So, we provided awareness and distributed the pamphlet. By doing so, the consumers will understand they have the right to complain over their losses and the entrepreneurs will respect the Law,” she added.
The department has instructed the entrepreneurs to display the expressions of the Myanmar language or jointly with other languages on the label of the products. The Consumer Affairs Department is cooperating with other departments to ensure the safety and satisfaction of products and services in the market, it is learnt. — Lu Lay/GNLM

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