About 2,000 lamp posts to be installed in Pyigyidagun Township

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Installed lamp posts are seen in Pyigyidagun township in Mandalay. Photo:Than Zaw Min (IPRD)

About 2,000 lamp posts are being planned to install in Pyigyidagun Township this year, spending from Mandalay City Development Committee (MCDC) budget. Currently, more than 1,000 lamp posts have already been installed on the main road of Pyigyidagun Township, said U Saw Han, a member of MCDC.
More than 1,000 lamp posts have already been installed in Pyigyidagun Township. Over 300 lamp posts are being installed while the remaining over 600 lamp posts are having the field inspection conducted in necessary wards of the township. “We targeted to install about 2,000 lamp posts in Pyigyitagon township from MCDC budget. At present, we are conducting the installation of the lamp post along Min Gyi Yan Naung Road to 62nd street through 46th street in Pyigyidagun township,” he said.
The lamp posts have already been installed on the main roads such as 62nd road, 58th road, Ka Naung road, Yaw Min Gyi road and Thayarwady road. The remaining roads are having field inspection conducted to install the lamp posts. We will install the lamp posts in the necessary areas. Moreover, the residents also donated nearly K100 million to install the lamp posts in the ward of the township, he added. More than 16,000 lamp posts have been installed in Mandalay this year, a spending of the donation of the residents and MCDC budgets. The lamp posts are being controlled from the control room and are being switched on and off by using smart street light control system. —Than Zaw Min (IPRD) (Translated Hay Mar)

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